As a prospective writer myself and avid book worm, I’ve written many poems, personal narratives, and academic articles. None are published at the moment, but I’ve recently challenged myself to pursue my dream of completing a novel all on my own. I’ve enjoyed many good stories in my lifetime and I hope to someday give back to an imaginative community as they have given back to me. Here’s some wisdom I’ve gathered on my current journey to becoming a novelist.

Check these 10 steps on how to start a book:

  1. Pace around back and forth until you get carpet burn under your feet
  2. Take a 2-hour snack break
  3. Tell everyone you meet you are writing a book even though you haven’t gotten past the introduction chapter in the past three weeks
  4. Have a solo dance party
  5. Type, ‘How To Write A Book’ into the Google search bar and read all the WikiHows submissions
  6. Fail at hyping yourself up and falling into the pits of writer’s block
  7. Get stuck on a baby name generator
  8. Get through chapter one in 30 minutes and re-read it over the course of eight hours
  9. Fantasize about writing a book during work
  10. Cry
    For any equally aspiring writers as myself, follow these easy 10 steps and you’ll find yourself with a best-selling book in no time! People will be asking, ‘Hemingway who?!’

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

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