Sell-Out party organizer, Six-degrees-society presents a new event, The Ultimate Street Party is coming to Shoreditch will last from Saturday 8.00pm to Sunday midnight!

This event will not be in an actual street but fantastic re-created in-door street whose design seems to be inspired by edgy railway arch.

The Ultimate Street Party is ready to involve you in the dazzling night with ULTIMATE treats, such as Graffiti Wall, Face paint, Pop-up Bar and much more!!

Ticket & Information is on Website:

Shoreditch known as the inner-city district in the East End of London is now quite popular as one of subcultural towns in London among young Londoners.

In particular, tasting Shoreditch Sunday Market’s international foods and feasting eyes on Hackney Flower Market is the best way of enjoying Sunday in London.

By tracing the history of Shoreditch, your interest in the multicultural town might become even bigger.

You can see how various cultures has grown in this town are.

It was the site of a house of canonesses, which was a group of religious communities cherishing ‘living a simple life’ from the 12th until its dissolution in 1539.

The first theatre in England, that was built in Shoreditch in 1576. It is known that Shakespeare’s company had performed ‘Romeo and Juliet’, ‘Henry V’, etc,. until they formed the Globe in Southwark.

During the 17th century, the area flourished a textile industry, as well as furniture manufacture. However, after the two industries declined by the beginning of the 19th century, Shoreditch became one of the most dangerous area in London with an epidemic of crime, prostitution and poverty.

During the Victorian era, Shoreditch flourished as a centre of entertainment again, which is said to have rivaled West End, by boasting various events venues, especially in music culture.

In this way, we can see that the Shoreditch’s significant subculture and artistic atmosphere has been grown through various experiences in its own history.

Now, from tasting long-standing 24 hours bagel shop’s £0.15p bagel to visiting an international food court situated in old brick building, we have a number of things to do in the ‘multicultural town’, Shoreditch.

This is a really interesting BBC’s video about Shoreditch including an interview with Steve Edge, the head of a Long-standing design brand based in Shoreditch, an introduction of the next generation of high flyers, etc,.

With visiting The Ultimate Street Party, to explore ‘East-London’ area might be fantastic weekend for you!

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