Wednesday afternoon came as a day of mourning for many in Parkland, Florida as another mass shooting occurred at a public school, claiming the lives of 17 adults and children.

The terrorist has been identified as 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, a former student of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who had been expelled for troublesome behaviour.

Law enforcement have shared the events that occurred in the tragedy, stating that Cruz deliberately sounded off a fire alarm in order to get student out of their classrooms and into the front of the school building.

Many attending Marjory Stoneman Douglas were confused as a fire drill had been conducted earlier in the day.

Once out, the culprit, armed with a semiautomatic AR15 opened fire on multiple students, creating chaos as bodies dropped and others escaped back into the school.

Cruz then followed the students into the hallways, which he vividly remembered before getting expelled, and opened fire again.

12 people were killed inside the building, two outside and one in the street whilst an additional two victims passed away in hospital from serious wounds.

Many students and teachers alike were petrified, trying to find cover to hide from the bullets while communications between parents and children spiked as many text messages and phone calls were exchanged.

Cruz had been apprehended shortly after the shooting in a neighbouring city and was scheduled to appear in court on Thursday morning.

What this latest mass shooting has shown us yet again is that the authorities are incompetent with preventing these types of issues when they already have enough information about potential shooters.

Many teachers, students and members of local law enforcement knew something was wrong psychologically with Cruz prior and he was highly likely to carry out something like this.

Instead of worrying about refugees and immigrants, America seriously needs to tackle domestic terrorism through gun control.

Way too often have people exploited the second amendment to take care of their own personal vendetta, taking lives in the process.

Parkland was voted the safest city in Florida yet this latest act of terrorism ranks among Columbine and Sandy Hook as the top three Mass shootings in the United States.

More needs to be done to ensure the security of children not only through gun control, but facilities for mental health to help prevent shooters from attacking schools.

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