This poem is about one not being able to find their full identity. They may find many factors, but humans don’t have enough time to find every detail of their identity which makes them who they are. Faith may play a part in identity, but since religion is somewhat flawed, contradictory and has several loopholes, it doesn’t give one certainty when they’re trying to find information about their own identity. It’s also about corrupted people threatening the safety of others and preventing them from obtaining information regarding their identity.

A Study in Translation (Tableau)

Half a persona poem disguised as protest poetry, this is a dialogue between the Orientalist objectification and consumption of Asian bodies as commodities, and the consumption of POC struggle stories as commodities. This comes at a time when diversity has entered into mainstream debate, and calls for diverse representation are swaying executive decisions in Hollywood. Challenging this, among other liberal assumptions of the East Asian experience in the Western cultural sphere, this poem questions my market value as a creator beyond my racialised identity.

An Interview with the Playwright - Spun

A Scribers Hive exclusive interview with the writer of the play Spun: Rabiah Hussain. Discusses the writing process and overreaching social issues.

Theatre Review - Spun

A review of an enlightening play about two Pakistani women and their friendship through frightening times.

Walking your mile….with FAITH

an article to remind and inspire people of the power of their faith system. and how they can help save the future of Mother Earth.

Liverpool Chances on Winning Silverware

With the new 2018/2019 season near, Liverpool brought in new players to improve Liverpool chances on winning trophies.

Conservatives Still in Power: Is it a Matter of Time?

After 3 elections and a referendum in 7 years, the Conservatives are still in power but the question is for how long.

Mesut Ozil Retires from Germany Amid Controversy

Arsenal Midfielder Mesut Ozil has retired from the Germany National Team after receiving abuse from the Deutsch Media for meeting with Turkish leader Erdogan.

High Temperatures Shows Evidence of Global Warming

Temperatures are increasing but there are some who believe global warming does not exist. We should care about their beliefs because they have a lot of power to change mankind fate.