Image shows number zero to celebrate zero Covid-19 deaths

With Zero COVID-19 deaths are we one step closer to pre-lockdown normality?

Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? A dream which leads us to another where a day without a mask may possibly become true.

It was confirmed this Tuesday that there had been zero reported COVID-19 related deaths since the pandemic began.

This gives us a reason to enjoy the summer and be hopeful for the winter ahead of us.

A sign to reach the last stop

Boris Johnson confirmed that there aren’t any concerning signs to prevent us from entering the last stage of the roadmap.

However, Johnson did underline the fact that we’ve got to be cautious.

If the government needs to put green list countries onto amber and red, there wouldn’t be any hesitations.

Could this mean the possibility of a mask lift?

Although Matt Hancock did not rule out wearing masks and working from home yet, the promising figures of low to almost zero death rates could perhaps change the way things develop in the upcoming weeks.

This could be achieved if case numbers are kept within a set medium without having the aptitude to reach its all-time highs again.

Additionally, death rates must not see an unexpected escalation if there is a drastic change in case figures.

Not to forget the surge of variants and their potential to quickly spread to many people.

The Indian variant has resulted in a slight rise of cases recently reported.

Hancock underlined the fact that it is very early to ease further measurements. But he did not speak in despair either.

Therefore, it all depends on the actions we take. Perhaps this could be our last summer where wearing masks is obligatory. Who knows?

We Now Understand Coronavirus Better

With the tight restrictions and lockdown enforcements being put into effect, people have gained a better understanding of Covid-19.

We have taken the virus seriously as we have witnessed how widely it once spread across the country.

Over the past months, we have adapted to different mediums of restrictions which has helped us understand personal space.

We were cautious of each step outlined by the government’s roadmap. We knew when and when not to meet people outside of our homes. Hence allowing or refraining from the mixing of separate households.

Subsequently, we have avoided unnecessary contact and trips and have managed to find ourselves in a promising situation today.

Better Treatment

The number of patients in hospital with COVID-19 in England has fallen 98% from the second wave peak.

The figures are gratifying as fewer people are becoming hospitalised. NHS staff get to take a deep breath in from the heavy workload they were once pounded with.

The reduction in hospitalisation figures will have a positive impact on NHS staff members. They will possibly offer more flexible and effective service to patients.

Did the vaccination do the protection it promised?

PM Johnson commented on the rising number of cases saying the increase was expected. Johnson stressed the importance of the vaccination programme. He said the data is still ambiguous in confirming to what extent the vaccination programme has protected enough of us.

However, when taking into consideration the Health Minister’s statement, it is evident that the vaccination roll-out has played a huge role in lowering figures.

Health Minister Matt Hancock mentioned that, the majority of people who have ended up in hospital are not yet fully vaccinated.

This is significant in determining the importance of getting full vaccination and the level of protection it provides people with when it comes to lowering hospitalisation numbers.

The impact the weather may have

Considering that we have now entered the glamorous days of bright sunshine, it is an unavoidable fact that people will visit crowded places and create endless motives.

It would be unjust to blame the deprived Brits who rarely get a glimpse of sunshine let alone the long and tedious lockdown they endured winter 20/21.

However, to protect ourselves from landing in the same or worse position, we must be reasonable in the actions we take too.

There is no reason not to respect people’s personal bubbles, continue to disinfect your hands and cover your face in densely populated areas.

We must continue to do what we can do NOW for a better mask-free tomorrow.

Photo by Camila Quintero Franco from Unsplash

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