“Can you come back in 21st century and show to the young people how beautiful you are?

Can you share your value, your importance for the people? They need to find the connection between the past and the future, they need to understand each of the generations that have grown up in this atmosphere. You are a part of our life, our grandparents life, you are our roots.

We want to save you, to make you glow again!”

To forget your traditions is worse than to forget your history, because history has neither the age nor the depth that springs from tradition.

History is worldly and the relationship with others. Obviously, we can no longer return to the rhythms of rural life, and we can no longer adopt the instruments of the village ritual.

But this does not mean that what is everlasting in tradition can not be used. This does not mean that folklore is not worth keeping, as is the good teaching of ancestors.

Unlike fashion, the Romanian port does not only dress the body but also the soul.

What modern coat compares with the thread sewn by hand and lovingly trimmed in the traditional harbour? Unlike fashion, the Romanian port does not only dress the body but also the soul.

This is why new Easter and Christmas clothes were worn to celebrate the innovations. But all these meanings are lost if we do not take care of tradition, and our soul becomes poorer and more ugly.

Tradition is therefore even more than a number of virtues, it is the way to rediscover our dignity, by which to affirm our value and by which to stand upright.

A nation like us who has such a treasure is not allowed to be humble and bent, no matter how we and everybody  else wishes. That is why we need traditions to put us in the right place and not inferior to that of other nations. Quite the contrary …


Manuela GHEORGHE- Romania

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