Brexit Secretary David Davis has come under the lime light early this morning after addressing Britain’s legal and regulatory standards once the UK finally leaves the European Union.

Davis spoke in Vienna, Austria about Britain maintaining a high standard after leaving the EU, stating that the country will not fall into a “Mad Max-style world”.

“We will continue our track record of meeting high standards after we leave the European Union,” he said amongst a cluster of business groups in attendance.

“They fear that Brexit could lead to an Anglo-Saxon race to the bottom with Britain plunged into a Mad Max-style world borrowed from dystopian fiction.”

The Mad Max analogy has been seen by many on social media as hysterical, leading to a surge in new Twitter memes ridiculing the Secretary.

Some posts have seen David Davis’ head Photoshopped onto Tom Hardy’s body from Mad Max: Fury Road while other tweets pointed out how unprofessional our government has been in carrying out negotiations with the EU.

Though we are far from a post-apocalyptic dystopian world with monster trucks, let’s look at the facts concerning Britain’s plight since the EU Referendum.

As of June 2016, the rate of inflation in the last couple of years has seen a sharp spike as the Consumer Price Index rose by 3.1% in 2017.

All while the Pound Sterling has faced devaluation.

Pro-EU campaigners have said that Davis is living in “cloud cuckoo land” and rightly so.

As a Brexiteer, how do you expect everything to run smoothly when the EU hasn’t accepted anything Britain has put on the table since negotiations began?

In a sense, we are headed to a realistic dystopian with the amount of debt on our plate as well as the proximity we are in to a no deal Brexit.

Everything is already expensive in cities like London.

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