A small mission for change became a worldwide movement.

How many people can say they’ve been chosen to be nominated for a Noble Peace Prize at 16?

The remarkable young girl from Sweden, Greta Thunberg, believes it’s her moral duty to spread awareness about climate change.

Her vow for climate change landed her on TIME’s Most Influential Teens of 2018. Her name is among many other names that transformed the world in one way or another.

Before the Swedish General Election, she went on strike for three weeks from school. For her, this was the only way to get her voice out there. Her bravery was heard all over the world and that inspired many others to fight along with her.

She made the bold choice to renounce herself from being a finalist for the Children’s Climate Prize.

Her reason for not coming to the ceremony in Stockholm was because of the climate and the future of the world. “Our generation will never be able to fly (among other things), other than for emergencies. Because the adult generations have used up all our carbon budget”, she said on Twitter.

She was fortunate enough to meet with the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres at the COP24 climate summit in Poland.

At the summit she gave a speech on the issue and the little action that’s been done. She also spoke about those that believe that she should be in school or do something about the climate when she’s older.

In her speech, she stood up to the leaders on the lack of action saying, “…And since our leaders are behaving like children, we will have to take the responsibility they should have taken long ago.”

Her determination has sparked a worldwide movement, just recently she tweeted out that Friday, 15 March 2019 will be known as #FridaysForFuture.

With this hashtag, a vast number of students have striked going to school to march for climate change. On Friday, there were students marching all over London and around the world.

Greta has taught everyone around the world is that as young people and future leaders of the world, essential that you take care of the things that matter to you.

Being only 16 her voice was heard loud and clear when it came to spreading awareness on climate change and what needs to be done.

Because of her passion and determination, reports have states that she has been nominated for one of the most prestigious prizes, the Noble Peace Prize. Young people show interest in changing their futures is what everyone should strive for.

Greta and others like her are marching for all of us. They have one goal and that is to get those in power to listen and right now they are being heard.

The issue of climate shouldn’t only be taken serious by young people but with people who have the power to do something permanent.

Photo by Claire Woodward @CmkWoodywood on Twitter

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