In the countries where dropping out of school have sored alarming rates, there are children that, despite of poorness and shortages, make everything possible just to go to school.

E.M is 10 years old, he learns good and has a lot of future plans. He lives modestly in a poor room together with his mom and his two brothers.

Everyday he has to fight for his right to learn and to hope. He wants to discover something in life and help his sick mother. E.M is a 4th grade student at one school X is like any other kid. 

In his soul, he carries a lot of worries, same as an adult. Even if he is living in a small room in a homelessness center, he doesn’t complain, he just wishes to find his way in life. 

His mother is a widow. Living from one day to another, and as I said previously, she is very sick. 

She needs to be focused and strong because she is the only support her boy has. 

The woman wishes for a better life where she can offer more opportunities to her child. 

Even in their difficult situation, he does everything he can to go to school. She also helps him do his homework and she tries to discover her child hobbies and passions. 

The professors only have words of praise for the boy. The boy attends school competitions and every time he comes back with prizes. His biggest wish now is to learn how to play football. 

Unfortunately he can’t afford the equipment and the daily transport from his home to the football field.

Will it be possible for his dream to come true?

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