In the early hours of Wednesday morning on various social media and news outlets, previous speculation about US President Donald Trump’s decisions turned out to be true as he interfered with a long-standing matter in the Middle East.

Jerusalem has been at the centre of communal violence for centuries among different ethnicities and religious groups.

However, since 1948 Israel and Palestine have been in territorial conflict over the Holy city with one side claiming it belongs to the Israeli Jews while the other says it belongs to Arab Muslims.

In the last 70 years it has been evident that Israel is the stronger side with great financial backing and firepower, bringing controversy to the topic due to their control of most of the region.

Human rights activists have consistently criticised the country for oppressing the Palestinians as both sides fight for control of the territory.

Jerusalem is split into thirds with 1/3rd belonging to Arabs, another to Israelis and the last to Armenians; however Israel states Jerusalem is their capital city, while the rest of the world doesn’t recognise it to avoid further conflict.

Real-life Grinch Donald Trump has stirred more controversy overnight as he is getting prepared to declare that the United States is the only country recognising Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

The Palestinians have responded by saying his swift decision is a “kiss of death” towards the peace process between both sides while an Israeli minister urges other countries to recognise it as well.

Trump is also getting ready to announce that the US Embassy will soon move to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv.

Many from different parts of the world have united to talk against the decision made by the former reality TV star.

Theresa May and the UK keeps the same position on the matter, saying the city must be shared equally between the two states.

Most surprisingly, Pope Francis spoke up against the matter saying that the “status quo” needs to be respected and decisions should be made when everyone is “recognising the rights of all people” in the region.

Many Muslim nations who backed Palestine in previous wars against Israel also came out to speak against the decision.

Egypt’s Abdul Fattah al-Sisi told Trump “not to complicate the situation in the region”, whilst Turkey is planning to hold a summit later in the month with other Muslim nations discussing the situation.

What Trump has done is given both Hamas and the IDF an excuse to wage war against each other, harming more innocent civilians in the process.
Leader of Hamas Ismail Haniya has declared the recognition as having crossed “all red lines”.

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