With the exposure of sexual assault cases concerning Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein almost a month ago comes the succession of new shocking cases within the entertainment industry.

This week came as a surprise to many as Academy Award winning actor Kevin Spacey – made man of the hour by his hit Netflix series House of Cards – was accused by Star Trek: Discovery star Anthony Rapp of making sexual advances on him when he was a minor.

Rapp told BuzzFeed News that back in 1986 when both actors were performing in Broadway, he befriended Spacey and was invited to the then 26-year-old’s apartment for a party.

At the end of the night, 14-year-old Rapp was allegedly carried by Spacey onto his bed where the older actor climbed on top of him and tried to molest the teenager.

After the allegations came out, Spacey immediately went to the press and apologised for his actions, stating that he may have been in an inebriated state as he doesn’t remember making advances on Rapp.

In addition to the allegations, Spacey came out as gay and many were furious with the actor’s reveal.

Not because of his homosexuality, but rather the time he chose to come out in order to defend his actions and possibly gain sympathy from fans and critics alike.

It turns out that Rapp wasn’t the only victim as new allegations are being reveal every day for the last three days.

Four more victims have come into the light to reveal the atrocities Spacey has done against their will including inappropriate groping.

The House of Cards actor has repeatedly tried to make sexual advances on young male stars or co-workers in his long career both on television and on the silver screen.

With the exposure dominating the headlines, Netflix have immediately pulled the plug on the hit US Political drama which is in production of its sixth season.

Both the exposure and Kevin Spacey’s coming out shows us that the actor plays a villain both on and offscreen.

He manipulates with his words depending on the situation and has the power to get away with questionable things, just like his character Frank Underwood.

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