In June, Matty Roberts created a public event on Facebook to raid Area 51, the secretive American military airfield with over 2 million people said they are going or interested.

As a result, he was visited by the FBI to investigate whether this was serious or not but he has removed the event from Facebook and insisted that this event is supposed to be a joke.

For many decades, alien enthusiasts believe the American government has extraterrestrial Unidentified Flying Saucers (UFOs) with possible aliens at the base. This became a focal point in media and culture with Hollywood using the airfield as the secret government building in many films and shows or as reference.

Area 51 is an actual secret US airbase located in the Nevada desert but what happens in the base is classified therefore, it will be difficult for civilians to access the base.

Yet, the event, “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop Us All” took the internet world by surprised with tonnes of memes created about it with the really ridiculous suggestion to avoid the bullets by running like Naruto characters, where you run headfirst with your hands pointing behind you.

While many took this as a joke, some already have tried to breach the military base with two Dutch YouTubers was apprehended for trespassing on the 12th September.

The likelihood of a successful raid where a person breaches the base and come out with actual items is near to impossible due to being protected by miles of desert, security personnel and the United States military.

The Federal Aviation Administration temporarily closed the air space surrounding Area 51 due to “special security reasons” but it is fair to say the government is trying to control the situation.

The event attracted millions of people but many know this is a joke but we don’t know how many will try to raid the base until the day.

We have to wait and see whether 20th September will lead to countless arrests and possible casualties or nothing at all. Nonetheless, this event will be in the history books.

Photo by Miriam Espacio on Unsplash

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