At New York Fashion Week, walking the famous runway were women affected by breast cancer.

‘Despite the illness, we are full of possibilities, strength and sensuality. Because this disease does not define us, we are not victims. ‘

Women, of any ethnicity, of any size and with the most varied jobs in this context have one thing that unites them all, the evilest of evils: breast cancer.

These women walked through New York Fashion Week with a common desire to show the world their courage and strength that goes beyond the disease. ‘We are not the victims’, proving their courage by these words. They carried the courage to show themselves in front of thousands of people to demonstrate their strength at the second Cancerland Fashion Show.

Organised by designer Dana Donofree, who had been suffering in the past of breast cancer and defeat, decided to make a runaway of lingerie, to walk for her were about twenty women who have experienced a similar situation, or are still fighting against cancer.

Dana Donofree, after undergoing a mastectomy, reconstruction surgery and chemotherapy failed to find underwear that fit her, so she decided to tailor for herself.

So born was the brand AnaOno Intimates, one of the few brands of underwear for women who have undergone a mastectomy. Dana develops four collections based on comfortable bras. By telling all women that even after a mastectomy, ‘You can feel beautiful and sexy’.

Activist for ‘Cancerland’ Champagne Joy founded the campaign; she died last year because of breast cancer.

The campaign becomes an awareness and fundraising platform, offering a place to for women tell and share their experiences and emotions, ‘a dimension often ignored’, as the website says.

Every year, this terrible disease afflicts one in eight women. Today, as we remember Champagne Joy, 108 women worldwide die EVERY DAY because of breast cancer, and mostly all at stage four, or better known as metastatic breast cancer. The expectation is that 93% of women’s who will be diagnosed with breast cancer at the second stage, will have at least five years of remaining life.

The concerning news is that 30% of patients who have diagnosed breast cancer will be so advanced in stage that the disease will become incurable.

But there are examples of women who fought until the last second of their lives until the disease carried them away, but this does not mean they don’t fight anymore.

They have the spirit to help the next and spread the legacy of hope, strength and courage.

Can we prevent breast cancer?

There is no sure way to prevent breast cancer, but there are choices that help reduce the risk to contract it and increases your chances to locate it at the first stage.

Obviously, healthy habits of daily life help, such as the limitation of alcohol, regular physical activity all while maintaining control body weight.

Photo by Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash.

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