World Cup Favourites Brazil took on Switzerland at the Rostov Arena in their first match of the new tournament.

The South Americans come back looking for redemption for the disappoint against Germany four years ago.

They looked like they had a solid team with all positions filled by high calibre players.

From the start Brazil were dominant on the ball, making the runs into the Swiss half with pace and flair.

Neymar, Willian and Gabriel Jesus were leading the attack while supported pressure came in the form of Philippe Coutinho, Casemiro and Paulinho.

Though Brazil were the obvious giants of the fixtures, Switzerland were quite decent on the ball as well, taking the chance they were given effectively.

But with a defence like Brazil’s, it was proving hard to go over a solid wall.

GOAL – Philippe Coutinho – 20th Minute – Brazil 1-0 Switzerland

It only took 20 minutes for the five-time World Cup-winning Brazil to provide the opener.

The scorer, an in-form Coutinho who shot from 25 yards out with his signature curl, leaving the Swiss goalie and crowd gobsmacked.

The remainder of the first 45 saw Brazil, and Neymar, have plenty of chances, but the half ended 1-0 to the Seleção.

Second Half

In the second half, the Swiss looked to redeem themselves against a tough opponent.

Though they were trailing, the solid chance they were receiving added up to them hopefully converting one into a definite goal.

GOAL – Steven Zuber – 50th Minute -Brazil 1-1 Switzerland

Just five minutes after the kick off, Switzerland come back into the game.

A delivery from Xherdan Shaqiri at the right side connects with Steven Zuber’s head and goes inside the Brazilian net just six yards out.

Brazil yet again faced a challenge against a Switzerland team showing their potential.

In response, the men in yellow pressed into the Swiss half, with Neymar hungry for the ball and Coutinho trying the blast the ball for another 25-yarder.

For the remainder of the game the Seleção were inches away from converting really good chances, but they just couldn’t do it.

Countless set pieces and solid runs just weren’t effecting Yann Sommer, though the Swiss backline at times looked vulnerable.

Even with five minutes added on in stoppage time, the Seleção couldn’t find the break they needed.

The match ended in a draw.


Source of Image: @FIFAWorldCup (Twitter)

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