Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is a British-Iranian citizen; former BBC employee has been arrested in Tehran, on April 3, 2016, with the accusation of plotting to topple the regime.

Mrs Nazanin Ratcliffe was In Iran with her then 18-month-old daughter Gabriella, visiting her family, when the Iranian authorities arrested her.

They also confiscated her daughter’s British and only passport.

Now she is three years old and she is in the custody of her grandparents in Iran, as she can come back to the UK.

Mrs Ratcliffe was initially sentenced to 5 years in a prison situated in an unknown location in the Kerman Province, 1,000 kilometres south of Tehran, but now after being confronted with new charges of receiving money from organisations who work to overthrow the Islamic Republic, she could face 16 years added to her sentence.

Her family strongly deny the accusations; they say that Ratcliffe was there with the only aim of visiting her parents.

The Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, said Nazanin Ratcliffe was “teaching journalism” during her visit to the country before she was arrested.

After said comment there were fears that could have led to the doubling of Nazanin Ratcliffe’s sentence. Boris Johnson apologised for his remarks but he said they were taken out of context He also said he doesn’t believe his comment has had any impact on the judicial process in Iran.

The husband, Richard Ratcliffe, an accountant who lives in North London, asked the Foreign Secretary to go and see his wife in Iran, he also begged Johnson to take him to Iran as well so he can get to see his family.

Mr Ratcliffe has previously tried to go but Iran has refused to issue him a visa.

The devote husband has started long ago a petition to get his wife back.

He hopes for his family to return before Christmas.

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