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My Definition of Mother's Day

Mother's Day is around the corner so I think it's important to reflect on why it is we are celebrating this day. After much consideration and thought, I have come to the conclusion that Mother's Day is more than just to celebrate one woman in your life. It is a day to celebrate women.

Changing the Size of the Fashion Industry

Though there are many people who are aware of the increasing need for inclusivity and diversity in 2020, there are many industry's still lagging behind who have yet to expand their market to welcome marginalized groups, the fashion industry being one of them.

Feast Your Way Through Devour Food Tour

Traveling to an unfamiliar city is full of excitement. The sights and culture can make anyone instantly fall in love with their new surroundings. If, however, there is one thing that distinguishes cities from each other, it’s the food.  In…

An American’s Guide to London’s Lifestyle

So, you’re taking the leap and going to London. Whether you’re making the move to the UK or planning on staying temporarily, traveling to one of the world’s largest cities is a big deal. The culture, language, and style is unlike anything…

An American Student's Perspective on Mass Shootings

The harsh reality of being a student in America during a mass shooting epidemic, written by an American.

Stolen artefacts, or Finders Keepers?

With King Tut’s exhibit making its last rounds throughout the world before returning to it’s permanent and rightful residency in Cairo, Egypt, his ancient artefacts serve as a reminder that there are still many treasures that lay caged in…

King Tut's Last Campaign Around The World

King Tutankhamun campaigns around the world for his final time before permanently residing to his throne at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, Egypt in 2022. Discovery King Tutankhamun, also known as Th Boy King for his early ascension at 9 years…

Emma Watson Talks Being Single, Mental Health, and Feminism

Harry Potter star Emma Watson discusses the expectations for women in their late 20s, among other topics, in interview.

'Ok Boomer' Starts a Cyberwar Between Generations

Boomers and Generation Z find themselves involved in a Twitter battle over two words. "Ok Boomer" sparks divisive controversy; will these differing generation ever come together?