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Waitrose Removes “Racist” Chocolate Ducks from Shelves

A dark chocolate duck, labelled as “ugly,” has led Waitrose to remove the candy from shelves due to racist implications.

Gender Pay Gap Widens in the UK

New gender pay gap figures indicate that the UK has not been successful in evening out the wage discrepancies.

Slice of America in the West End: “Waitress” Musical Review

A cliché American story of pies, diners, and the pursuit of happiness.

The World Of Social Media in the Fashion Industry

Social media's impact on the fashion industry and how it's changed the way of finding new models.

Me Vs London Transport

this article is an accurate account of how it is like dealing with London transport as a person with a disability.

The Hashtags Of Her Life

#METOO That’s the movement going around #TIMESUP Is what Angie wants to tell her attacker. Who is he? She doesn’t know, It happened at night. She was alone; No one to her screams #YOURENOTALONE That’s what she tells herself. Looking…

Growth and Decay – The Never Ending Cycle

A critique on the infamous cycle of life and how an artist has the ability to somewhat transcend it.

The Moon Landing: How Conspiracy Devalues History

is a great thing. Inspiring hope is even better. This an article that reaffirms some of our greatest achievements.

The Photography & Creative Writing Competition 2018

The Photography & Creative Writing competition has officially come to an end with six lucky winner producing some amazing pieces of work surrounding the topics of Faith, Identity & Belonging.

Talking with the Artists of The Collective

The Collective was a conscious music programme for the next generation of artists which assisted rising artists in writing and producing socially conscious music.