Finance and the economy play a big part of what’s going in the world today. Our writers here on ScribersHive pick out the financial news which matters and will effect our audience. We cover a variety of topics including the rate of inflation, employement and unemployment as well as pay rise among politicians and common folk alike.

Reluctance to Meditate

Ena explores the concept of meditation and talks about her journey and experience with different meditative practices such as breathing.

Colonisation’s Unhealed Wounds: Why the Lack of Unity on the African Continent?

Africa could be the world’s largest trade bloc. Will historical and present-day divisions prevent it from achieving power through unity?

How TikTok had Made Clear Skin Accessible

How TikTok influencers have made skin care products accessible to the Beauty market.

Mic Lays Off Entire Editorial Staff and Sells to Bustle

The only remaining editorial employee is Mic co-founder Jake Horowitz.

The Power of the United States’ Dollar

Money is the intermediator between buyers and sellers that have the legal backing of the state. Before World War II, countries backed their currency with the amount of gold deposited in their central banks so the currency represented the…

Employment and Unemployment in UK’s Labour Market

A recent statistic provided by the UK labour market shows that for the past year the number of people between 16 and 64 years, has increased with 75.4%. The statistic, also pointed out that the employment rate is higher since 1971, with 32.26…

Trade War Possibilities Uncertain Between the US and China

Following the global friction concerning Russia in the last couple of weeks, things seemed to be getting out of hand when Donald Trump announced the US’ intentions of updating tariffs for Chinese imports, increasing the possibility of an all-out…


The world demographic population is steadily growing, and the continuance of our lifestyle has driven to an ever-increasing request for energy, food and primary goods. Our planet's resources are not unlimited. We need a new line of thinking,…