Reluctance to Meditate

Ena explores the concept of meditation and talks about her journey and experience with different meditative practices such as breathing.

Miss Mia linklater

This photograph is of the sea, currently I’m going through a hard time with mental illness the sea resembles my emotional well-being, so I like to capture it.

Identity by Holly Woollon

"Scientifically: identity cannot change but spiritual identity for materialistic things can, through developing and changing with age - interests can alter."

London Graffiti

The collection of artwork in the graffiti tunnel presents the artists identity as their style of artwork represents their personality. Belonging is being able to express yourself and are able to be around people that share the same interests as you. The collaboration of art creates this harmonious feel, which symbolises being able to belong but also individually stand out.


Vasanthakumaran was a priest in Sri Lanka before he moved to the UK ever since then he still has a strong relationship with God and prays every morning and evening for the well being of himself and his family.

Praying for Peace

This photograph was taken at Golan Heights, a region occupied by Israel since 1967, located on the border of Jordan, Syria and Israel. The woman featured in this photo and her fellow travellers were praying, with arms outstretched, for peace over these nations in their native tongue. It was a moment of faith, trust, and unity.


The photo was taken in winter somewhere in the Kent. It describe no matter where we go and no matter what the situation , there is always way to remember Allah(God).

The entire ocean in a drop

I have found my place in the world by accepting that regardless of any marker of identity (religion, race, gender etc.), I am/was/always will be whole and complete. I do not need to chase or obtain anything in order to receive contentment. As Rumi said, I am the ocean in a drop (as literally depicted in the picture !). This is the level of freedom and peace I feel when I remember that my one true identity is a bearer of the world's remedy and natural state: love.


This is my favourite photograph from a photoshoot I did conveying religion and identity using the contrast of light and shadow.