2020 includes a generation of young men and woman who are passionate about inclusivity and acceptance. For the first time ever, being different equates to being unique. People who march to the beat of their own drum are being praised.

Unfortunately, many industries still refuse to adjust to embrace marginalised groups. In terms of the fashion industry, it was not until recently that big brands began taking strides to represent more people in both the advertising of their brand, as well as in the physical products they sell in their stores.

When thinking of brands in the fashion industry that have taken steps in the direction of being more inclusive, American Eagle immediately comes to mind. They have not only expanded their reach through tailoring their clothing to fit more than one body type.

They have publicised their desire to reach a wider audience by including models of all shapes, sizes, and colors in their campaigns.

This blatant display of diverse representation sends such a positive message for young girls all over the world, saying that not only can they can shop at American Eagle, but they are celebrated at American Eagle.

Retail Gazette states that, “An increase in body confidence and the support of key fashion influencers have undoubtedly helped to normalize the plus-size industry and encouraged its popularity.”

Donatella Versace is among one of many fashion icons urging people to stop thinking of plus size women as different.

In addition to designers speaking out, the influx of plus size models on the runway has called attention to the need for more inclusion within the industry.

In the NYFW spring 2020 runway, designer Christian Siriano featured a number of curvy models with the presentation of his line. What made this particularly striking was that he was not presenting a plus size line.

These curvy models were integrated with other models of all shapes and sizes in an attempt to normalise the presence plus-size models in the fashion industry.

Rhianna’s brand FENTY is sweeping the world for more reasons than one. The Savage X Fenty show was a game changer.

As reported by Independent, “Unlike other lingerie shows, Rhianna’s was clearly orchestrated through the female lens, with women of all shapes, sizes, identities and ethnicities taking part.”

People praise the show for showcasing real women. The show was by far the most inclusive event to have ever occurred in the fashion world. She had plus size women, an amputee, women of color, two pregnant women, and many others participating in this show.

Despite these great examples of inclusion, the industry is by no means completely evolved. For example, the popular clothing brand Brandy Melville continues to serve “one size fits all” clientele.

Victoria’s Secret has yet to have a plus size Angel. There are many people in the fashion industry working to improve the industry’s lack of representation,  but there is so much work that still needs to be done.

Photo by Eye for Ebony on Unsplash

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