On November 24, 2017 at around 4:30 Oxford street station was evacuated after reports of a shooting in the underground.

The chaos broke out in the street, which was very busy in occasion of the Black Friday sales.

Some customers were first held inside the shops for security purposes and then evacuated.

The station was evacuated, trains were stopped at Oxford Circus and the street is still in lockdown.

Bond Street was on lockdown as well. People were urged to shelter inside.

The Metropolitan Police said there are no casualties apart for a woman who sustained some minor injuries while evacuating Oxford Circus Station.

They said they were treating the incident as terror related.

The London fire brigade sent three engines and fifteen firefighters on the scene.

Josef Turiano, who was there when then incident happened said:

“We were in Gap and an suddenly while we were on the elevators going down we saw a crowd of people running and screaming so we went upstairs again, they held us in the shop and they were trying to evacuate us from a security exit when people started running the opposite way after hearing gunshots, as we got outside they told us something had happened on the tube at Oxford Circus, the situation was chaotic.”

Now people are going back on the street as the Met Police and the BTP confirm they still had no evidence of gunfire.

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