Conservative Approval Rating Down in the Capital

With the London Council Elections just a few months away in early June 2018, YouGov have conducted a poll in Queen Mary University to find out the voting intentions in a variety of demographics.

The end results have shown that the once Tory-heavy London has shone a favour to the Labour Party in recent months, with a 54% voting intention.

The Conservatives on the other hand have gained slow progress with voting intentions of only 28%.

The survey results had pretty stable answers across all demographics with a variety of questions provided.

There were however some figures that had come as a surprise for a specific question.

“If there were a general election held tomorrow, which party would you vote for?”

The most numbers obviously went to Labour with 41% compared to the Conservatives with 24%.

But what was surprising being the number of people who didn’t know which party they’d vote for compared to other options.

16% of people didn’t know who to vote for compared to other parties such as Lib Dem.

Although it was only conducted with one University, it does say a lot about what’s on the voters’ minds in recent years.

There have been consecutive elections for the last few years, with another general coming in 2020.

This recent survey shows that among young, BME age groups that have been living in London, the Conservatives are held in a more negative light compared to constituencies outside of the Capital.

However, there are still a hand full of people that either do not know or do not want to know what is going on in the country.

This tell us that more must be done in educating people about the elections or rather a change in manifestos and targets that can sway public opinion on each party, insuring a secure vote.

Photo by Eva Dang on Unsplash

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