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Interview #6 : The Voices of Ice-Skaters in London

Towards the winter holidays, people get more and more excited enjoying various amusements and shopping across London. Since last month, dazzling outdoor ice-rinks have popped Read More

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Interview #5: The voices of British Film (BFI)

One of The British Film Institute (BFI)'s main buildings, BFI Southbank offered us a range of facilities with opportunities to explore the world of cinema. Read More

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The Best Decade of the Beautiful Game

What a time to be alive. Though we are bombarded with news of destruction and heart-ache on a daily basis, we can all agree football Read More

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Why do they bully?

Whether we have been physically and/or verbally bullied or not, we have all been in that situation in which something said/done by another person hurt Read More

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Meghan Markle

If Harry and Meghan were two completely normal people and if the world was a small town, we would all be happy about their engagement Read More

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Interview #4: Voices of Artists-Non-Zero-One

Last weekend, I joined the National Theatre’s workshop hosted by Non-zero-one, which is specialising in an ‘interactive performance’. Their concept is simple; to guide people Read More

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Theatre Review#3: Saint George and the Dragon

This is a metaphorical stage of a Folktale st George and Dragon. Joined to one of National theatre’s workshop hosted by its assistant director, I Read More

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