Fallout 76 is the prequel to the all of the other Fallout games. After the successes of Fallout 3 and 4 and my personal favourite Fallout New Vegas, Bethesda is taking the award-winning franchise to the next stage with online gameplay.

Todd Howard, the head of Bethesda announced at E3 2018 Fallout 76 will have dedicated servers to allow other gamers to interact or kill each other in an open world. You can also team up with friends to build settlements anywhere on the map. However, to keep the apocalyptical sense there will only be dozens of real players across the map. But you can also play this game by yourself.

Additionally, as a bonus, there are some missile depots which could fire an atomic weapon anywhere on the map that is if you could find the several key codes across the map.

The map will be four times the size of Fallout 4 which I found already massive so that way there is more to explore. Also, the map will be 16 times more detailed with Bethesda using the different rendering of light and there will be 6 distinct areas on the maps with their own settings.

 The story will be set in West Virginia where you will be one of the first to emerge from the vault to explore the wastelands but could be accompanied with other real players.

The creatures that were shown in the trailers are distinct from other Fallout games so there are no super mutants because they come into existence later on and there are no existing factions like the Brotherhood of Steel but the story may show their origins.

Todd Howard explains there will be inclusion of West Virginia folklore as actual creatures and there was also a hint of ghouls.

In terms of the story, the overseer has given you an objective to find something so the usual looking for someone or something important but this has not been revealed.

A beta will be available to those who pre-order it however at the moment this is only limited to the United States. The game will be available in November 2018. 


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