The brain is always in need of exercises and routine while set habits are the declared enemies of the mind.

Making the same journey to go to work or always focusing on the same labour day can cause ageing of neurons which are not stimulated enough to stay active.

Back in 2005, the first ‘game’ to lead the way in this field was Brain Training from Dr Kawashima, which involved training the mind with mini games that showed performance graphs afterwards.

Nowadays there are plenty of brain training apps where you’re able to choose the best one, or the one with the most captivating design.

However, my favourite app is Elevate, belonging to the group of the app created to elevate the brain from all the point of view.

When it comes to brain training what makes the difference is the patience and perseverance, something that Elevate cannot impose.

In spite of this, Elevate tries hard to engage the player, with recreational dynamics that makes us almost forget the effort, with a schedule of activities that helps to  motivate and with an adaptive progression that makes the experience always compelling.

To get started there is a quick preliminary test, to understand the user’s levels in each area of interest in the app.

The daily training sessions include three different exercises, each of which takes no more than five minutes, the recommendation is to complete at least four sessions a week, but nothing prevents you from going further.

Upon completion, the app encourages to try all the others exercises.

Elevate‘s interface is clean, elegant and friendly. There are beautiful stylized designs, bright colours, animations and other effects placed in the right spot.

The text is always clear, concise and straightforward. There is never a point confusing, or an interactive screen too complicated.

The division of the exercises split into different areas, for each aspect of the mental skills we want to improve and train.

There are math skills, the ability to remember better what’s heard or read, the knowledge of speech synthesis, personal lexicon, the speed to solve mathematical problems and so on.

Training the brain with entertainment improves skills in the resolution of the games, as with the rest to a gamer who gets acquainted with a new game, with the difference that in this case, the fun that ensues is the ultimate goal of the subject.

No one would claim to become the star of Saturday night Football after winning a match of FIFA, or know how to lead an army after conducting yet another successful campaign on Age Of Empire .

The best way to keep the brain active is to live a life full of stimulating activities from a social and intellectual point of view, most importantly is not to neglect physical exercise.




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