It’s November 11th and Poland is celebrating its Independence Day.

Only that this year Warsaw also witnessed the biggest far-right protest. 60,000 people took part in what turned out to be a nationalist and fascist march, walking through the streets spreading messages of hate, xenophobia and asking for a ‘White Europe’.

Another slogan was “We want God”, recalling a polish religious song than earlier on this year was also quoted by Trump during a visit to the country.

Which God are they referring to? No religion ever spread messages of hate and no God would like to see such discrimination.

These people use Christianity to fuel their nationalistic and Islamophobic ideals.

Far-right leaders from all over Europe joined the march, in addition to supporters of the polish ruling conservative party, PiS. TVP, the state broadcaster, said that the march was a “great march of patriots”, showing that these movements are supported, rather than repressed.

At the same time, an anti-fascism protest took place too. Organisers had to keep the two protests separate, although there have been episodes of violence.

When will this hatred come to an end?

Haven’t we seen enough, lost enough, already with all the wars that we fought since the start of humanity but especially in the last century?

Europe is still healing from the genocides and destruction we witnessed and the Middle East is still in the process.

With nuclear bombs threatening our safety and natural disasters, don’t we already have enough to worry about rather than encouraging hate between brothers and sisters?

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