Yoga is not just an exercise for your body, it also trains your mind and helps you find inner peace. And now there’s a yoga class where you can not only stretch your body, but also give your digestive tract a soothing treat.

“Physically yoga helps to balance out all the body, so we are more comfortable in our own skin. Also, it can help with all manners of physical and mental ailments, from depression to a sore shoulder,” said professional yoga instructor Caroline Shaw.

Developed around the sixth century BC, yoga has come long way. It has gained popularity and proven that it helps both the mind and body. “The way yoga is practiced has changed a lot,” Shaw said. “New styles and trends will come and go, but the core of practice is what is important.”

Shaw has been teaching yoga for the past five years, mostly in Primrose Hill and Camden. Her recent workshops involve not only talking and exercise but also delicious treats. When the weather is nice and sunny, Shaw does her classes outside.

“Yoga, tea and cake classes are a great opportunity, especially for students. It is a long yoga practice, to open the mind and balance the body, followed by delicious tea and cake.”

Yoga and tea classes, however, are not only for students. According to Shaw, they are perfect for people aged from 18 to 80 who just want to relax, balance their bodies and minds and wrap up the day with a perfect cup of tea.

“I am a bit of a tea and herbal infusion addict. I love teas that blend many herbs and spices like mint, cinnamon, liquorice and cardamom,” said Shaw. “These can be very soothing and balancing for our digestion.”

Yoga provides a friendly and inclusive environment, since it gathers together people from different backgrounds and cultures at one place. “It makes for a friendly and inclusive environment,” said Shaw.

Shaw’s next big workshop will take place on August 12, and it will be a whole day rural yoga class, including homemade cake.

So if you want to soothe your mind and body, Shaw’s class might be the one for you. Visit for more information about how to attend one of Shaw’s classes – and enjoy that cuppa!

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