Foster The People

Foster the People is an American band formed in Los Angeles, in 2009.

The current line-up of the group consists of the lead vocals, guitar, piano, keyboards and synthesisers Mark Foster. Mark Pontius at the drums, percussion and backing vocals. Sean Cimino at the piano, guitar, keyboards and backing vocals and last but not least Isom Innis at the piano, keyboards, percussions, drums, bass and backing vocals.

Their name began to circulate in the musical networks thanks to the song ‘’Pumped up Kicks’’, by which they got notified from the trade musician press.

After the successful EP released in January 2011, they released their debut album called ‘Torches’, poised between indie-rock, pop and electronic genres. The music they create can be described as well-made, fresh and pleasant to hear in every moment of the day!

The band is present and active in the music scene since 2011, however, talking from the indie prospect they represented, and still represent a unique and refreshing alternative group to draw inspiration.

Personally, I can state that they’re a sarcastic, original indie-pop group, capable of merging two distant worlds such as the mainstream music chart and the alternative music universe.

As a writer, thinking about Foster the People, I will probably associate them with that guy that you bring home, and your mother would love him! Maybe it’s because they have that ‘clean face’, the ready funny wit and a permanent job.

Or perhaps because this guy is the type of guy no one could resist, with an aura of mystery always following him everywhere he goes. You probably know what kind of guy I’m talking about, and I’m sure you pictured it in your mind, and I’m sure you’ll agree with me after listening to their songs!

During these years the band has released three albums, all came out within a gap of three years apart. The first one ‘’Torches’’ came out in 2011 with ten songs, the second one ‘’Supermodel’’ in 2014 with 11 songs, and the last one ‘’Sacred Heart Club’’ in 2017 with 12 songs.

All these albums have different meanings, and a different message from the band to their fans, that’s why their supporters never stopped supporting them across years, while they were developing new song concepts, exploring new paths and creating new alternative melodies.

For example, take a quiet, carefree Sunday morning, where you don’t want, or luckily need to think about anything else than relaxing and enjoying yourself, where you don’t have too many expectations from the world around you and your mind is in peace with your thought.

Have a robust coffee, make breakfast. You can choose between three albums; however, if you have never listened to Foster the People’s music, I suggest you start with ”Torches’’.

Press play on your iPod and then you can worry about nothing else than the sound you hear, just look out the window for the next forty minutes and enjoy your coffee.

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