Sony have delivered another hit with Insomniac Games as Marvel’s Spider Man became the fastest selling game in its debut week.

A Spider-man game hasn’t had this much success since Spider-Man 2 on the PlayStation 2. The latest instalment improves on the nostalgia of the old game with impressive mechanics and motion graphics.

Whether your web-swinging, wall-crawling or free-falling, all the physics in this game feel very realistic; bringing the comic superhero to life.

Realism can also be seen in the vast New York City landscape as the three-dimensional model design exceeds that of it’s predecessor.

The urge to swing across tall buildings is almost at a constant as the whole of New York has been rescaled for the player’s pleasure.

Each district is filled with clusters of tasks that keep you going even after you complete the main story.

From the get-go, players are put straight into the action having to making decisions on the spot with a consistent use of quick-time events.

Using the combat system can be a little frustrating at first, however, once you get used to playing, fighting bad guys will be the most fun you ever have.

What makes the game work well is its unlockables system with the progression of the game. As you level up, the more gadgets, suits and skills are available to use for smoother gameplay.

The different suits in Marvel’s Spider Man brings those that are in the Spiderverse alive. Some iconic attire is available to unlock including the Classic Suit, Noir, Spider Punk & Iron Spider.

In terms of the story, Insomniac games have found what has been lacking for Sony on the silver screen with the whole Spider Man franchise. It is a well-written campaign that establishes a fixed set of villains and provides enough material to green light sequel.

We follow a matured Peter Parker at the height of his powers trying to survive the hardships of New York City along with many familiar faces.

For most of the game, you get to play as the protagonist but their are stealth missions where you control other characters such as Mary Jane Watson & Miles Morales.

There isn’t really any parts of the game to criticise besides small mini-puzzles that at times can seem pointless. However there is an option to skip those and continue to play the main story.

Most games are either too hard or easy to complete but this Spider Man gives a fair balance to the player.

Marvel’s Spider Man is a highly-recommended game that will keep you occupied for hours on end.

Rating – 9.5/10

Photo by Joey Nicotra on Unsplash

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