“I think therefore I am”.                                    Such wise words from a wise man.        But these five words bewilder me                  As I don’t know who I am fully.

I’m 5ft 1 and I have dark skin                       But does that reveal who I am within?       No one knows the me inside.                               No one knows, not even I.

I am religious to an extent,                           But not even religion can make sense          When people try to change ‘the truth’                   It leaves religious people confused.

So many different faiths out there.               Why must 1 be the heir?                                    The heir that has the right to the crown.   The crown that proves that God’s around.

Even if they aren’t totally right,                   Why can’t all faiths unify?                             Religion’s a puzzle needing to be done.       And all faiths have a piece; maybe more than one.

Identity isn’t just your name.                       There’s a list of things, but we’ll be here all day.                                                               There’s so many things one needs to find.    Therefore I won’t bother waste my time.

Where do I belong?                                         Where am I from?                                           A past buried down below                             With ancestors I do not know.

They must have fought everyday                 To break free from being a slave.                 Yet instead of being taught my own history,                                                               I’ve been taught pathetic fallacy.

I live in a community where there’s a divide.                                                                   I don’t know if I should pick a side.              If I do, do I belong there?                                 Or am I just another spare?

I want to belong and I want to be safe.       But I can’t when I’m part of the human race.                                                                   There’s so much pain and it’s killing me.   I see humans but no humanity.


As I write this, anger builds inside               Knowing that many sacrificed their live.   They wanted us to live in peace and harmony,                                                           But this utopia is far from me.

This poem strives to make people aware.    That humans are simply being unfair.       People scared to speak up.                               Well i’ve had enough.

Yes this poem talks about identity.             But people are preventing me                        From finding more parts to my life             Which is why this poem is long to write.

I don’t mean to make a big fuss,                      But essentially I’ve had enough.                     As confusing as this may be,                          I just want people to be happy.

But at the end of the day                                  I’m just another candidate.                           I’m not just here for money or fame.             I actually want to make a change.

If I don’t see a change,                                       I’d rather die than see another day.

By Aaliyah Martin Clarke

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