Kate Hutchinson is an art and culture journalist of The Guardian covering various genres from interviews of celebrities such as Kate Mckinnon to reports of music festivals.

Also, she works as DJ in various types of programs, such as Worldwide FM.

This time, I hunted her opinion and view to such a diverse London art scene, especially focusing on how she tries to tell people these through media.



I am impressed by your appreciation of art and culture! In your opinion, how can young people grow an insightful understanding of arts as you have?

“Of course, I suggest you going to as many museums, galleries, theaters, etc,. as you can.

“The appreciation may come from something like personal experiences.

“However, you can definitely improve your knowledge by reading more and researching more about what you are interested in, and then make up your own opinion on them.”


Over the last 10 years, has London been changed?

“Of course, you can see its diversity always, but, how expensive it is to live and make arts in this city is kind of unfortunate facts people are facing now.

“It has moved the city’s customs…You know, artists’ hanging out together in pubs are not existing any longer.

“In terms of nightlife, you used to be going out to club night which were quite popular.

“But now, the district’s atmosphere has changed.

“For example, Soho was a place to go out with many more clubs and music venues, but today, it is not always so.”


However, can we still enjoy exploring London’s culture and arts scene?

“Yeah, definitely. There is less opportunity compared to the past, but now there are still stuffs going on and making you proud to be in London.”




Could you give young people who want to work in arts-journalism/arts advice?

“Be passionate about finding your voice and think about how your opinion wants to be expressed.

“Don’t be afraid of publishing and broadcasting these!

“And just be very hungry about going to see artistic/cultural stuff and reading magazines as much as you can.

“Look up!!

“People in London are too busy to miss out interesting stuff…

“So just look up, you can find something stimulating in the sky!”

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