Global Warming is one of the biggest threats to the existence of mankind and that is not an overstatement. Many studies conducted by legitimate organisations like the United Nations shows global warming is a real threat yet there is a substantial amount of people, including those in power who would rebuke the fact the Earth is getting warmer.

Climate change is a natural process but human intervention is speeding the process to the point that many species cannot adapt therefore a study predicts mass extinctions by the end of the Twenty-First Century. So, why can’t we change the perspective of climate change deniers?

Ignorance and money tend to be the main reason why climate deniers refuse to accept the evidence the world is getting warmer and the polar ice caps are melting which would lead to sea level rising and an increase in hydro-meteorological hazards like floods and droughts.

While it’s easy to berate and ridicule climate change deniers, it’s difficult to change their standpoint because when a person’s beliefs are challenged they tend to reaffirm their position even if presented with facts.

A prime example is Flat Earthers, those who believe, unironically, the Earth is flat and there is a massive conspiracy between governments and space agencies to delude the public that the earth is round. A Netflix documentary shows Flat Earthers proved in an experiment the Earth is genuinely round yet this did not change their beliefs.

Nonetheless, while believing the Earth is flat is not as damaging as denying Global Warming, scientists failed to prove Flat Earthers in a way they would understand that the Earth is not flat.

The second group of people are more dangerous than the first because they know Global Warming exist yet ignore it and continue damaging the environment. One reason is, accommodating Global Warming will cost businesses more money. In a capitalistic world, multinational businesses’ aim is to maximise profits and reduce costs even if it requires to exploit the environment.

Famous British conservationist, David Attenborough explained Australia is a prime example of people in power who are climate change deniers even though they are “facing having to deal with some of the most extreme manifestations of climate change”.

The United States’ President, Donald Trump pulled out of the Paris Agreement and pushed the country towards coal even though it does not benefit the economy, in fact, renewables are becoming a cheaper option than coal.

The best way to reduce the influence of this group of people is to vote for more environmentally friendly politicians.

Photo by Bob Blob on Unsplash

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