The generation of youth in today’s day and age have been ridiculed by the older demographic for their political views.

Most young people who find an interest in western countries tend to take a more ‘liberal’ stance on matters we deal with in society.

In the process, many in the media have shunned the youth for taking a more saturated leftist approach and in turn, spreading extremism on a hypocritical level.

Many young people talk about capitalism in a negative light while in possession of an IPhone and a large coffee from Starbucks – do you see where I’m getting at?

I, like many young adults living in London claim to be a Socialist, currently upset with the socio-political climate of today not only in the UK, but across the globe.

Originally I referred to myself as a Socialist because on paper it sounded good!

Coming from a deprived background, a political and economic theory that centres around the regulation of production, distribution and exchange by the community as a whole sounds perfect… almost too perfect.

The prime examples of Socialist states (Russia, China and Cuba) have all been looked down upon through the years despite their successes.

So I asked myself, is Socialism really the solution people are looking for in Britain?

I pinned the question on one of my friends one night over PlayStation.

He too has claimed to be a Socialist however in recent years has kept an open-mind due to studying Masters in Politics and International Business.

We were discussing whether increasing taxes significantly on big corporations such as Apple and Amazon would help the country recover on an economic standpoint and he disagreed.

He believes that companies have gained so much power now that their main objective is profit.

So if they are losing profit from increased taxes, there wouldn’t be any motivation to innovate.

Many technological advancements would have been put on hold such as the delivery drone or cellular regenerative glue for deep lacerations.

Eventually with the high tax, companies would back out from the UK, destroying London’s reputation as a global hub.

Furthermore, the Socialist countries mentioned previously have had many flaws in their successes including human rights violations and corruption.

China may one day have the biggest economy but what about its extorted labour force?

Socialism as a philosophical perspective with the works of Marx and Mao can help expand your knowledge but putting it into practice just hasn’t worked out.

Both the Soviets and Nazis claimed to be Socialist yet both were at the extreme ends of the political spectrum.

There needs to be a balance.

The youth must study more into different political views, philosophy and economics to get a better understanding of the world around them rather than a saturated post

on twitter.

That’s how we stop adults doubting us.

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