In a time where art is undergoing the changes of a frenetic society, some still find attractive the idea of an oil on canvas, the most classic and iconic expression of art.

So did Joanna Pilarczyk Radecka when she began her artistic career.

Joanna, 38, from North London, is one of those few people in the world who have the blessing to make a living off their passion. She is an established artist whose works are sold around the world for thousands of Pounds.

Originally from Gubin, Poland, Joanna began her artistic career there in 2008, soon after she completed her Master’s degrees in Art at the university of Zielona Gora.

Since she was a child, Joanna knew her path was going to be an artistic one. She started painting when she was just in kindergarten, and her passion grew deeper as she grew older. She attended an artistic high school together with her twin sister, Anna, who’s now an acclaimed tattoo artist in south London.

She is a freelance artist, who creates visual art bits for different companies, national and international, and her works which comprise of oil paintings, water based, charcoal, ink pencil and portraits, are exhibited all over the world, like they were last year in Kuwait.

Among her customers there’s an actor from the American drama tv series “The Alienist” who goes by the name “Queen Aubreyjean” (also a drag queen). “I painted some ink sketches of him based on the theme of the tv show, posted them on Instagram and tagged his account, he then saw the tag and came to the exhibition and ended up buying them, since then we stayed friends.”

“One of my best paintings is the product of a night out, that night one of my closest friends brought me to a men’s nightclub and there I got inspiration”

“Usually when I am out with my husband, we just see people in the street or in pubs and we start painting them.”

“It’s like our thing, something that we love to do”

Two days a week she teaches at the Engine Room in Tottenham Hale: “I teach two days a week, usually on Wednesday evening when I have a big influx of young people and on Thursday morning when my students are more mature”

According to Joanna there’s no age to start learning how to draw or paint: “everyone can always learn how to paint, it’s not an innate skill, it doesn’t really matter how old you are, you need to have the will”

Joanna’s life is an artwork itself, her twin sister is an artist, her husband is an artist and her job, is art. She loves surrounding herself with artists like Akhila, and in her spare time she loves attending exhibitions and art-shows, where she can take further inspiration from: “I would love to find more time for exhibitions, you never see enough”.

Her artworks are available online at:

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