This article is going to tackle themes and ideas that some may consider to be a mind f**k, so please be so courteous as to read this article with discretion…

So *basically*… the inspiration for this entry came from a combination of different things.

Firstly, from my long expansive interest in theoretical physics.
Secondly, from an ever-fading dream I had – on which night, I can’t recall.
And lastly, from a collective and reflective view on things.

The end result is this article.

So, materially speaking, this is all going to be a bit of a head trip, as I mentioned, so I’ll start by posing a question…

What if our universe was welded together from the remnants of a black hole’s digestive system?
What if those remnants were then spat out the other side of a black hole, emerging from something we would often refer to as a white/worm hole?
And what if this event itself was none other than what we would normally think of as ‘The Big Bang’?

Now it may seem like i’m looking too deeply into things but i think that’s rather the point.
We’re dealing with ideas that are only theoretical in nature. Overthinking is the only way to dig deeper and find our allegorical gold.

To illustrate my theory – which has seldom been applied to the land of movies and the world of filmmaking – I think its best to imagine an ‘input/output’ type of diagram, with a funnel forming to a sharp point and then inverting back the other way like an hourglass.

Material going in, getting crushed, coming back out, and then… well, staying crushed.

Matter that is sucked into a black hole passes through the event horizon and is then ‘spaghettified’ towards the singularity, at which point the very opposite happens and all that matter is then propelled away.

Think of this so called black hole as nature’s very own waste disposal system.
Whenever the universe gets too crowded – and, yes, I know this isn’t how science works, but let’s just go with it to help me illustrate my point – black holes are there to ‘suck up’ the waste material and then spit it all back out in another universe where it’s nowhere to be found.

When you think of it like that, imagining this complicated benchmark of theoretical physics suddenly seems very very simple.

It’s also an ingenious way to time travel if you think about it.
Because when you cross the event horizon, time actually moves more slowly for you than it does to an outside observer.
*Things will start to get too complicated if I delve any deeper, so i’ll stop there.

The only trouble with all this is that you would sadly die along the way which is a bit of a bummer.
The only way to travel forward in time is to die!
Wow, didn’t see that one coming!

But in all sincerity, this pseudo practical concept involving the hourglass is a concept that seems to work best in theory rather than in practice.

Even though it might be easy to imagine or simulate, crushing an object down to atoms and then spitting them all back out in another universe is a hell of a lot easier said than done.

Nonetheless, I believe in this theory as a theory that can be applied in practice, but only if the right conditions were to be applied.
No such conditions exist at this time unfortunately and so, for now, this outlandish idea shall remain just a theory… with the potential to be applied in practice.

If you can survive it, just travel forward in time through the hypothetical black hole-white hole that I’ve discussed and you’ll be able to see if this is something we’ve achieved in say a thousand years from now.
I’m betting that it won’t be but it’s good to speculate every now and then, isn’t it?

To sum up my theory, i’d like to pose another way of viewing my proposed idea…

I mentioned how an hourglass is a good visual representation of the black hole to white hole concept.
Well, imagine now that I turn the hourglass upside down.

Rather than everything from our universe being ripped and teared into another, what if the remnants of another universe were spat out into our own?…
Thus resulting in The Big Bang.

What if?…

(It’s the question every science fiction writer should ask themselves before writing a screenplay… What if?)

I for one love this idea.
It implies so many things and so many different possibilities.

It suggests that every living and non-living thing, including you, were created from the atoms of something or someone who existed in another universe, maybe even billions and billions of years ago!

It would be the ultimate form of recycling after all!

Believe it or don’t believe it, it doesn’t matter.
But as an exercise in pseudo science, it certainly begs the question…

Just what if?

Photo by Alexandra Nicolae on Unsplash.

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