Kabul, Capital of Afghanistan has become a cemetery for bomb blast victims. The attacks in the Capital, carried out by the Taliban, are very frequent and way too many innocent people have lost their lives or their loved ones because of them.

The latest attack this year took place on Saturday January 27th, with a death toll of 95 victims. The interior ministry deputy spokesman Nasrat Rahimi told AFP that the Taliban used an ambulance to pass through security checkpoints, they had passed the first, he said, and as they were recognised at second checkpoint they carried out their deadly blast.

The blast was so strong that nearby low-rise building collapsed as a result. It has been confirmed by Officials that the terror attack caused 95 deaths and at least 158 wounded.

A reporter from AFP who was at the Jamuriate Hospital said that the medical bays were so overwhelmed with patients that they were struggling to help them.

The blast took place two weeks after the Taliban attacked Kabul’s Intercontinental Hotel (which is state owned) . This attack counted 25 victims, 14 of which were foreigners. The same hotel underwent a Taliban attack in 2011 that saw 21 dead.

While people were dining at the luxury restaurant around 9pm the Taliban started spraying bullets at people and then took some hostages. People were trying to escape the engulfed hotel by rolling sheets out of the window, like in films, just in a sad reality.

The Afghan President, Ashraf Ghani ordered an investigation a day afterwards as he blamed neighbour countries for helping militant groups against them.

Another recent attack in Kabul took place on December 28th 2017 when a suicide bomber killed 40 people.

Before that in May 2017 a truck bomb in the centre killed at least 150 people and left injured another 400.

Since July 2016 Kabul has counted at least 568 terror victims and more than 1,300 wounded in 9 bloody attacks. Where the Taliban and the Islamic State have used suicide bombers, trucks filled with explosives, bombs and grenades to kill innocent people.

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