The first leg of the semi-final between Liverpool and Roma finished 5-2 to Liverpool at Anfield.

The first 20 minutes were not good for Liverpool as they were finding it difficult to penetrate Roma’s defence as well as Alex Oxlade Chamberlain being subbed off early due to an injury.

Sadio Mane had two close encounters to goal within a space of a minute and should have scored with his calibre but failed to utilise those opportunities, yet Liverpool kept on attacking.

Roma kept a high line which was weird considering Liverpool had fast players and are known for counter-attacks but nonetheless, Liverpool punished them for this.

The first goal was sublime by Mohammed Salah when Edin Dzeko was tackled in Roma’s defensive half and thought he should have a freekick, but Salah managed to get on his favourite left foot and score in the top left corner of the net.

The second goal was just as good when Roberto Firmino and Salah led a counter-attack and Salah chipped it over the keeper.

Salah had too much space on the wing which allowed him to make a run to cross it to Mane who scored to make up his errors from earlier.

The fourth goal was like the third when Salah simply crossed it to Firmino to slot it pass the keeper.

Finally, the fifth goal was a set piece from the corner where Firmino had the freedom to head the ball into the net.

At this point, Liverpool could’ve had more goals added to their tally with the tie done and dusted but it wasn’t a fairy-tail ending.

Jurgen Klopp subbed off Salah on the 75th minute for Daniel Ings – a striker instead of subbing on another defender like Ragnar Klavan – which gave Roma the breathing space to attack.

Hence, without the same threat posed by Salah, Roma began to attack which led to conceding 2 goals in the last 10 minutes of the game.

Tensions were rising where Liverpool players were turning against each other due to silly mistakes and this proves to show the Reds still have a problem with killing the game.

Similar to the 2-2 draw to West Brom on the weekend, when Salah was substituted after leading by 2 goals, Liverpool’s attack disintegrates which allows the opposition to attack.

On the other hand, if Liverpool had a more reliable keeper and another good defender, then the forward players would have more energy focus on attacking instead of coming back to defend consistently.

The Champions League first leg ended 5-2, giving Roma the precious away goals which mean winning 3-0 at Stadio Olymipica will mean Liverpool are knocked out on away goals similar to Barcelona in the quarter-finals.

Therefore, Liverpool needs to keep a clean sheet to progress to the finals which seems unlikely, but Liverpool has a better chance of scoring goals next week in Rome.

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