The following study, has developed a unique methodology that combines the analysis of the votes generated by users of various digital channels.

These digital channels can be TripAdvisor and Instagram, giving a general idea of the quality of life in a big metropolis.

The views are combined with the statistics on parameters that influence the perception of the identity of a city from the citizens’, investors’ and tourists’ point of view.

In total, 24 factors alter these perceptions, including job opportunities, the value of housing, environmental quality, institutions, infrastructure and range of culture and entertainment, economic prosperity, cultural diversity and many more to take into consideration.

These are split into six broad categories which are:

  • ‘Place’ intended as the urban quality of the city. The green space present, the neighbours and landmarks, the crime percentage, the weather and how the city relates to it.
  • ‘Promotion’ means how the city is perceived according to the social networks and online reviews such as TripAdvisor, Instagram or the Google Online reviews, as well as the airport check-in that gives a relative number of tourist visiting the city each year.
  • ‘Product’ is everything related to the infrastructure and connectivity that a city can offer to the citizen or the tourists such as the airport present in the city and their respective connectivity, a university offer and their position in the rank of global education, the museums and attractions present, the ‘for free’ ones and the charged.
  • ‘Prosperity’ analyses the economic side and growing of the city, this is evaluated through the entrepreneurialism of the town measured across the GDP per capita of about Global 500 Companies.
  • ‘People’ understood as multiculturalism and education, how immigration is perceived and how the residents integrate themselves with foreigners.
  • ‘Programming’ is the kind of culture present and the entertainment offered, like restaurants, shopping or the nightlife scene but also, booking clubs or spaces to organise a meeting.

The leading values of London are ‘Programming’ and ‘Promotion’; the contrariwise is ‘Prosperity’. This can be addressed to the Brexit vote which reserves uncertainty for the future.

The most popular elements of the city are the great vivacity, the enormous availability of luxury shops, the high level of education and training offer prestige and greatness of the vast refinement of restaurants of any variety.

Among the most exciting features mentioned as factors of excellence in the study is the most massive investment made in the public sector, being the Elizabeth Line connecting the enormous project of this type currently in Europe.

Throughout the new purple line, there will be ten new stations and 13 km of tunnels. Also, international artists will collaborate to make the new line a masterpiece of modern art.

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