lynched in peru

A Canadian has been found dead in an unmarked grave in the Amazon jungle, north eastern Peru. A judge has ordered the arrest of two people, suspected of a revenge lynching over a spiritual leader.

Sebastian Woodroffe, 41, from the Comox Valley, Vancouver, was dragged by the neck through a remote, thatch-roofed village in Peru, following the death of Olivia Arevalo, an octogenarian plant-healer and revered shaman of the Shipibo-Konibo tribe.

The lynching of Woodroffe, was filmed with a cellphone and was posted on the social media platform, Facebook. The video shows, how two men dragged Woodroffe by a noose around his neck, while the people of the village were watching.

The 81-year-old Arevalo, from the region of Ucayali, was found shot in her home the previous week on Thursday.

Her family believes that Woodroffe, who was her patient, killed her because she refused to conduct a ritual, involving the hallucinogenic Amazonian plat brew called Ayahuasca.

Arevalo’s death prompted an outrage among her followers and a series of unsolved killings in the region.

Woodroffe, who had the plan of building a healing centre, moved to Ucayali to explore the plant medicine in Peru. According to El Comercio, the body of the 41-year-old was found in San Pablo de Tushmo, in Yarinacocha.

Every year, many tourists from all around the world, travel to the Peruvian Amazon in order to experiment with Ayahuasca, a bitter, dark-coloured brew made from native plants.

This brew has been use for centuries from native tribes, in spiritual rituals. The hallucinogenic cocktail, also known as yage, has been used by tribes in Brazil, Columbia and Ecuador.

Arevalo was not only a plant-healer and Shaman, she was also practicing a singing medicine. She has been heard singing a traditional plat song in the Temple of the Way of Light, a plant-shamanic centre in the Peruvian Amazon.

The temple runs retreats for tourists, specifying in rituals with Ayahuasca.

Peruvian officials are still investigating and are in touch with Canada’s foreign affairs department.

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