If Harry and Meghan were two completely normal people and if the world was a small town, we would all be happy about their engagement and that would be the end of it.

Two people in love and a marriage would spell a happy ending.

But make Harry a British prince and Meghan an American actress and all hell breaks loose.

I first came across Meghan as I started watching Suits, an American tv-show about lawyers. Personally, I wasn’t a big fan of her character at the beginning, but I started to appreciate her as she developed into a strong and independent woman.

I think that, in a way, her character development resembles her as an actress and a person, and it reflects the amount of work she does as an UN advocate.

Regarding Prince Harry, I was never particularly excited about the royal family, maybe because I didn’t grow up in this country.

But whether you’re like me, neutral on your opinions about royalty, or whether you have some strong opinions, such as thinking that they live off on tax revenue or that the monarchy should be restored and with that colonialism, you have to consider that this particular engagement is quite important in the political climate it takes place.

As mentioned before, Meghan Markle is American. But why should this matter? We have probably all heard about Wallis Simpson and Edward VIII.

Wallis Simpson was, just like Markle, American and a divorcee. But the only difference here is that Edward VIII wasn’t allowed to marry her and, as a consequence, had to abdicate.

This alone shows how politics and morals changed. But I think that Meghan Markle can be more than this if she uses this occasion as a beneficial and refreshing novelty in the climate of austerity following Brexit considering that, not only is she American, but also because she comes from a mixed-race background.

We finally have a new voice and it’s exciting for me, as a feminist, to think about all the work she can do and all stories she can help share by using her status on the social platform she has stepped on to.

If anything, the only downside from this whole debacle is not being able to see her in Suits anymore and having to wonder what will ever happen to the lovely Rachel Zane.

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