Mid October. It’s that time of the year again, when you don’t want to get out of bed at all, when laziness takes over you and all you want to do is lay under a cosy blanket sipping mulled wine while reading your favourite book over and over again.

The memories of summertime are still vivid in your mind. They project you to those past happy sunny days spent idling on a beach in Southern Europe where your days tasted like watermelon and margaritas, and then bring you back to the present where the sun is gone, the cold has come and your days taste a bit bitter.

Flannel pyjamas and dressing gowns are your best friends, the guardians of your dreams during those cold dry autumn nights when you strongly refuse to turn on the heating simply because you still can’t accept that summer is gone.

Autumn has got his sad tone, but plenty of sweet notes too.

The smell of cinnamon and the fresh after rain air are all over the city which looks so beautiful coated in orange and yellow leaves.

Bare trees, and furry foxes surround the city, you can feel the sparkling autumn air pinching your skin through the winds that blow between one skyscraper and another, modern buildings in a timeless city, where history and future go hand by hand.

It’s time to wear woolly jumpers and sweatpants and hats, gloves, boots, raincoats and any cosy item you can find in your wardrobe that has been laying there untouched for months and smells like lavender fabric conditioner.

When you walk along the Thames, you feel like you’re in a movie, like you’re going to fall in love with this dirty stream which somehow has the charm to attract thousands and thousands of visitors every day.

Cinnamon lattes, ginger bread biscuits, hot chocolate, pumpkin pies, caramelised apples, these are the foods that will fill up London’s cafes and your kitchen cabinets, and that will brighten up those rainy Sunday afternoons sitting in a boring room you’re renting for a price not worth paying.

But there’s more than that, it’s nearly Halloween!

Jack O’ lanterns are now everywhere, filling up shop windows and restaurant halls, human size skeletons, fluffy fur bats, white sheet ghosts and spider webs are back to bring us for one night to a magic world of fantasy.

Trick or treat? Little Frankenstein and mini Cat Woman will come knocking on your door, with lots of eggs to throw at you if they find you unprepared!

You better stuff up on “Quality Street” and “Heroes” tubs now as it’s mid October.


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