Sadly even today, it doesn’t matter how much you’ve achieved in your life as racism is still imminent where ever you go being an ethnic minority.

Monday night came as a surprise to everyone as our beloved Olympic champion, Sir Mo Farah, was victimised to racial harassment at Flughafen München by German security guards.

The record-breaking three-time Olympic Gold Medalist was en-route to his training camp in Ethiopia from Germany to prepare for the London Marathon in April.

He had been stopped abruptly which resulted into an altercation between the athlete and a member of the security staff.

Farah immediately posted a live video on Instagram showing the guard harassing him in the airport.

He commented: “This guy is touching me up like crazy. Pure harassment. Pure, pure, harassment”.

After the incident, one of Farah’s spokespeople told the Press Association that he felt he was being racially harassed by the staff member; further denoting the altercation by reposting the video on social media with the caption:

“Sad to see racial harassment in this day and age. 2018…!!!! #airport #germany”.

To think that the authorities at the airport didn’t recognise one of the top athletes of the last decade is just shocking.

Or if they did, the way the security handled the situation was very disrespectful.

Sir Mo Farah is an inspiration not only to the BAME community of Britain, but those all over the world who aspire to one day become a record-breaking Olympian.

Though a lot of opportunities have opened up for us, changes need to be made in the way minorities are treated in the Western world.

It can be very uncomfortable when you feel like your being watch because of your skin colour or religious beliefs.

It may have been a minor incident for Farah, but people of BAME background endure a lot almost every single day.

We’re missing a much-needed sense of trust and unity in today’s society.

Photo by Daniel Olah on Unsplash

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