Coming up to the 10-year anniversary of Marvel Studios, many have waited for the peak point of the highly anticipated phase three in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Avengers: Infinity War dominated the silver screen over the weekend.

Released on 26th April, Infinity War has managed to generate almost $650m on the box office in its opening nights.

Critics are raving about the third instalment of the Marvel superhero team-up, and rightly so, as the Russo brothers have managed to deliver despite the pre-conceived doubt.

At almost 2 ½ hours long, the film manages to find a balance with its decade long star-studded line up.

From the Avengers to the Wakandans and the Guardians, everyone’s favourites do a great job in this movie.

Audiences are reward with a story that goes into depth, perfectly lining up Marvel’s cinematic equation for maximum entertainment.

Arguably the best Avengers film, Infinity War does something justifiable that the last 10-years in this universe has not done – a plot that subverts from the cliché superhero tropes associated with the MCU.

Since 2008, almost all of the films that have been a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe tie in to the literary genre known as Bildungsroman.

To put it simple a Bildungsroman story involves a protagonist coming of age from a huge loss he or she endured in the beginning of the story, only to come back stronger.

Though there are still the staple signatures of Marvel films such as consistent comedy, Infinity War does a great job in already tying in 10-years worth of story to create a new formula that leaves the audience shocked by the end credits.

One negative from this mammoth of a movie is probably poor use of CGI and green screen in a few scenes; there should’ve been more time taken to perfect the effects.

However, all is forgiven due to the premium highlight of the movie – Thanos.

Fans and critics alike have praised Josh Brolin for his portrayal of the supervillain, who is now being labelled the best Marvel has to offer.

The Russo Brothers did the right job in not making him another disposable CGI villain with a bland reason for full dominance.

When first seen onscreen, the purple being does have an aura of omnipotence surrounding his character.

But as the movie progresses, viewers are able to see a lot of layers that make up the antagonist and this is why Thanos is now considered the best villain.

Overall, Avengers: Infinity War is an emotional rollercoaster with plenty laughs and gags, actions scenes taken to epic proportions and moments that will leave you feeling sad.

This film is a must watch!

Make sure to stay behind to see the post credit scene as we are now reaching the start of phase four in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Source of Image: Marvel Studios

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