Deadpool 2 has already broken records after its Tuesday release in the UK.

Over the weekend, the Merc’ with the mouth managed to beat Infinity War on the box office with over $301m made so far.

Ryan Reynolds returns as everyone’s beloved R-rated superhero.

Many have speculated whether the sequel to Deadpool will be as entertaining as its predecessor.

After watching it on open day, I can say that Deadpool 2 is as good as the first one.

David Leitch has delivered on the film bringing back all of the things we loved about the first movie.

The comedy sticks, the fourth-wall breaking is clever and the action is impressive.

In terms of story, we are treated with a similar scenario used before in the X-Men Universe as well as other comic storylines.

One of the things Deadpool managed to deliver is cast diversity with three LGBT superheroes in Shatterstar, Yukio and Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

Though many viewers enjoyed their cinema experience, there were a lot of issues with the sequel.

As mentioned earlier, the basis of the story is similar to that of scenarios we’ve already seen in the X-Men Universe and so it feels quite recycled at times beneath all the slapstick humour and quipping.

At times, there are some pretty bad examples of CGI used in the film but it doesn’t take away from the cinema experience.

Something else that a lot of viewers were disappointed in – though you could argue it was done for comedic effect – is that the film suffers from a misleading trailer.

Perhaps it was a big comedic bit from Reynold’s part in the marketing campaign, however it would have been good if some of the things that were promised were actually delivered.

Despite its outliers, Deadpool 2 is an enjoyable movie to watch with friends.

Many left the theatre in a good mood, awaiting the next instalment in the franchise.




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