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Ari Aster’s Hereditary was released in movie theatres across the UK on 15th June.

A highly anticipated film, the A24 produced horror was dubbed ‘our generation’s Exorcist’ by critics.

Many turned up to cinemas hoping for a good scare, but they got more than that.

Movie-goers have been trained to expect a generic two-hour jump fest but Aster’s work is far from all the saturated horrors we’ve watched as of recent.

Hereditary is by far one of the creepiest films ever made in cinematic history.

Whispers filled the seats as the audience were unnerved by the sheer intensity in front of them.

What makes this movie outstanding is the fact that there aren’t ANY jump scares whatsoever.

Hard to believe isn’t it?

The thing with jump scares is, once it happens, that little bit of anxiety is released and we feel a little better.

However with Hereditary, there is no release as the heart races consistently due to the fear of the unexpected.

Shock factor plays a huge part in terms of scaring the audience as humans can relate to something that may just happen in real life.

Despite be compared to The Exorcist, Hereditary has a pretty different story to the 1973 classic.

The premise of the movie can somewhat be related to the 1968  Psychological Horror Rosemary’s Baby.

With the accompaniment of great sound design and cinematography, Ari Aster has created a sinisterly beautiful setting for a movie.

With the shock factor, the tragedy that viewers are presented with has a huge impact in the progression of the story.

Behind all of the unnerving, uncomfortable atmosphere is the actors in this movie, specifically Toni Collette, whose performances are breathtaking.

Hereditary is by far one of the scariest movies in recent cinematic history and is a must see on the silver screen.

Rating –



Photo by Luke Bender on Unsplash

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