Universal’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom released on 6th June in the United Kingdom.

Almost a week on the big screen and it seems that the movie has had a slow start compared to its 2015 prequel.

The box office is yet to surpass the film’s budget as it has slowly reached $150m in the opening week.

J.A Boyana takes the helm from Colin Trevorrow to deliver a story following the disaster of re-opening the park in the previous movie.

We follow our protagonists on a quest to save the cloned dinosaurs off of Isla Nublar – which now holds an active volcano looking to get rid of Jurassic world for good.

Though evacuating the island isn’t the full plot of the movie, I think the premise of the storyline and where the cinematic universe is headed is very interesting.

However, the majority of Fallen Kingdom was flawed due to basic logic-defying scenes. Even though this is a Sci-Fi blockbuster, there are instances of sloppiness which really take away from the viewing experience.

The cinematography, though grand, was at times ridiculous due to badly rendered CGI. Sitting in the movie theatre, I thought to myself what ever happened to the practical effects and mechanics used in the 90s.

Moreover, the scenarios which the actors are faced with seemed a little too rushed despite its 130-minute runtime. There were instance where Boyana tried to uncover the plot in-depth, but it just didn’t deliver.

One thing that has always guaranteed to entertain the audience is the dinosaurs. Whether it be the T-Rex, Velociraptors, Spinosaurus, or even the Indominus Rex from the new trilogy, everyone is intrigued to see what the next monster will be in the Jurassic Park series.

By far, the Indoraptor is the scariest dinosaur in last 30 years of Jurassic Park. It’s a sinister creature which gives the audience a throwback to the canteen scene from Steven Spielberg’s original movie.

For a moment in the film, the presence of the Indoraptor felt like that of a horror movie, keeping the audience at the edge of their seat.

Despite its flawed story, Fallen Kingdom did fulfil a prophecy from the 1993 movie. You’ll just have to watch it to find out.

Rating –


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