We’ve concluded ‘Phase Three’ in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the whirlwind that was Avengers: End Game.

In its opening week Spider-Man: Far from Home grossed over $577m worldwide as it sits top of the charts in theatres.

Tom Holland returns as Peter Parker after the cataclysmic events of the previous movies.

Still in high school, Peter and his classmates go abroad to different European cities as he tries to take a break from all of his Superhero duties.

Despite trying his best, trouble seems to follow Spider-Man all the way to Venice when an Avengers-level threat is on the loose.

Being one of the only superheroes available, Peter is forced to team up with Mysterio to defeat the elementals on his trip.

Far from Home looks over the burden of responsibility that we have come to associate with the webslinger.

In a world full of uncertainty after End Game, Peter is conflicted with the idea of stepping up to fill in Iron Man’s shoes rather than remaining the ‘Friendly-Neighbourhood Spider-Man’.

For a movie with a $160m budget, it has mostly delivered in terms of special effects. The only caveat I’d say would be the Iron Spider suit at the start of the movie. You can seen Tom Holland’s head move awkwardly for a few seconds.

Other than that, the action sequences were amazing and the set locations in Italy and Austria made a perfect battleground.

Perhaps the best scene from this movie is the illusion sequence which resembles something to what many have experienced in video games. It worked so well in mirroring all of Spider-Man’s conflicts and showed a superhero with more dilemma’s than that in Homecoming.

What I like about Far from Home is that it’s a balance between a teen comedy and a Superhero movie. Tom Holland is by far the best portrayal of Peter Parker on-screen.

Like all of the latest Marvel movies, good comedic timing is consistent throughout to make it an enjoyable experience.

Spider-Man: Far from Home is a definite watch with a memorable end-credit scene that has us asking for more.

Rating: 8/10

Photo by Dan Novac on Unsplash

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