Image shows the threats imposed on Children's lives under the conditions they are living in

Once upon a time, we saw it happen in George Floyd’s case,

Today history repeats itself with different victims put in place.

Israeli soldier kneels on Omar Alkhatib’s neck,

He brutally assaults Omar and does not remove his leg.

The story is no different, the symbol is oppression,

Israeli colonialist settlers only act with aggression.

The stance they have today in western media creates the impression:

Why does the world remain silent when Muslim lives are the question?

Today Palestinians are targeted by Israeli military occupation;

And are commanded to leave their homes, their land, their nation.

Let me explain to you the story from a Palestinian’s narration,

Genocide is taking place and there is little hope for liberation.

Bomb after bomb. Roar after roar.

A humiliation is taking place, one shan’t ignore.

Will Palestine be freed? Will there be an end to this war?

Will the world hear the Palestinians? And reach to its’ door?

The sun is no longer rising in Filastin,

Dark clouds have settled and the blue hues are not to be seen.

With double standards of media, reality is filtered on screen

The sufferings of Filastini people are silenced at its’ scene.

This is not a forecast of an uncertain precipitation.

It’s the uninvited greyness deposited by Israelites in the Sheikh Jarrah location.

Day after day we see an increase in frustration,

Of the Palestinian community whom live in hesitation.

This is a strain which puts pain into our minds and our hearts,

As we watch Palestinian’s pick bullets, grenades and other parts.

They grow flowers in gas bombs and draw peace signs on the ground,

Families hide their kids in rooms so they are not slaughtered in the crowd.

Children comfort their mothers who cry from bombing sounds,

They mistake what they hear to fireworks despite the smoke clouds.

Shattered homes and mosques have become the new background,

Blood pools of the murdered are children’s current playground.

Gaza is being attacked from land, sea and air,

Today I ask how many of you genuinely care?

This is the story of a wound which bleeds since 1948.

Question to ask the world is: Why are we so late?

Photo by Jakob Rubner from Unsplash

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