The leaves are slowly falling down, like dancing Waltz.

It’s blows onto my face. Onto my face it goes. I feel its gentle touch.

I love to catch this feeling, the feeling of freedom and peace.

But what does it mean?  Peace?

Money? Family? Patriotism? Or something more?

What about war?

Guns? Terrorism? Killing?

Hmm…these are some of the thoughts that perhaps comes to your mind, aren’t they?

What if I tell you that you’re wrong?

The true peace is inside of you!

The true war starts from you!

Did you expect that?

Perhaps you’re asking yourself why me? I don’t do anything bad.

But it is your fault that you don’t do anything.

Discipline yourself!

Don’t allow others to tell you how to live or look like. 

Society creates the war within you by guiding what and how you should  eat, drink, wear and even believe. 

Do you name this peace?

Peace is when you can be yourself and accept yourself as you are. 

If I wear a scarf on my head does it mean that I represent the war? 

Yes, it does. But the war begins within myself. 

Every day. 

While I’m looking  in the mirror and trying to find reasons and ways to not let people steal my peace!

They steal my peace anyway!

War is between us, our families and societies because they think the peace is actually being like everyone. 

But I don’t want it! 

I want to be myself! 

I’m fulfilled.

I love to  feel the breeze and listen to the leaves slowly falling down, 

while walking on the path in this silent and early morning.

Why is it that nobody wants to listen to me? 

Only the trees can understand my feelings, 

but even they can’t grow where they would like to.

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