Pick seven ingredients, put them all together on a base and make the best pizza in the world.

The ingredients are the UK, Poland, Spain, France, Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey and the base is ScribersHive. The base is fluffy as it contains writing, podcasting, filming and interview skills.

If you take a bite from our pizza you will taste some social and cultural issues from all over Europe, but you can help it with some interesting toppings to remove all the problems and make a brighter world.

This pizza is baked in the oven for five days in a row. The oven is Saint Albans Academy but we will use two more …one in Poland in April 2019 and another one in United Kingdom in November 2019, because to make a pizza delicious you need an estimate of one year.

So let’s start with our first oven, the one who melted all the ingredients. The process took five days as I told you before and it was possible after all the activities, workshops, energisers, map of Europe & youth reflection.

Our master chefs Ben, Paul, Farah and Samir, split the roles in their kitchen and put on our plates the best slices to learn how to respond to a challenge.

I think they use more challenges than salt in their lives because we started from the first day with Mission Impossible which meant 14 tasks in just 45 minutes and finished with the biggest Monopoly game in the centre of London.

I will share with you some of the funniest tasks that included sitting on each other’s knees in a circle in front of Big Ben, kissing a stranger near Buckingham Palace, going to the 5th floor in Hamley’s, juggling with oranges, taking a picture with the London Eye whilst on your head, 5 people squished in the typical telephone box and many more.

All the groups had so much fun, mixing work with sightseeing and we didn’t have pizza for dinner but donuts and cake for Asyia’s birthday.

See you soon,ScribersHive!

With lots of love,


Andreea Gheorghe – ROMANIA

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